Artist statement

Has Internet in our contemporary world taken over all means of communication and of creating connections between individuals and different communities? Have social media replaced simple one-to-one human interactions and engagements in our society? This art project titled: Lost and Found aims to explore ideas around the relationship between art and society, and the role of art as a catalyst for social change.

In my artistic practice I aim to explore the blurred boundaries between art and life, fiction and reality, the public and the private. I observe and dive deep into the diverse experiences of our daily lives to rediscover their new meaning by translating these experiences into imaginative narrative structures to tell new stories.

As a recipient of a Lost and Found delivery note you are invited to actively engage and take part in the creative processes explored and developed in this project. Your ideas, opinions and feedback would be of great value to this project and I hope you can share it with us when coming to the Lost and Found office to collect your item.

Makiko Yamamoto

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